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Dexy Charms' Italian Charms Bracelets are compatible with Zoppini Charms, Nomination Charm bracelet, Boxing Italian Charms Bracelet and many others.

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What is Italian Charm Bracelet?

Enamel CharmsMade of interlocking interchangeable stainless steel links, Italian charm bracelets are modular in design. The greatest thing about these bracelets is that they are entirely customisable. The Italian charms can easily be added or removed to create a custom, very personal bracelet.

Begin with a Base Bracelet and starts collecting the charms the designs are endless and personalised by your choice. Since you will be replacing the plain links with designed ones, you will end up with a new base bracelet and the fun just starts over again! FAQS...

The Affordable Italian Charm Bracelets

Flag CharmsThe world's hottest jewellery is now in Australia and it's affordable!!!

We have looked at many manufactures of Italian charms around the world and have now located an affordable supplier of generic Italian charms. We can now offer our customers a wide variety of quality generic Italian charms. Why pay Zoppini, Nomination prices when you now have an affordable alternative. Enjoy your shopping!

Our range is compatible with Zoppini, Nomination, Boxing and many others!

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Dexy Charms would like to thank all our customers for their support.

We have completely sold out of our inventory and will not be restocking.

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